Features you'll love

Personal touch

Customize your store according to your needs. You always feel that our product is made for your business.

Robust Reporting

Shopdesk provide a reburst reports for your individual shops, so you can design your business well.


All in one place solution. Cloud POS with a great back office. Keep and manage your store & ecommerce in one place.


Shopdesk is here to serve your business

Our Team

Shopdesk is an online commerce platform, it is a cloud POS that manages your store and ecommerce in one place and maintain books of your retail business for you.

We are a team of innovators and fixers, we saw a flaw in our retail system that it is really hard to run, manage and grow our modern retail business, that is why we created shopdesk for your shop.

More about us

Shopdesk for Desktop

Available for Mac OS X and Windows.